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Artur’s Humanitarian Supply Chain

Artur is a Polish citizen from Warsaw, but as he has told us many times, right now his heart is in Ukraine. When the war started, Artur pivoted a huge portion of his business to setting up a humanitarian supply chain that provides supplies and logistical support to Ukrainians fleeing the violence and also to the ones that remain behind.

Initially, the amount of donations arriving at the Polish border was almost overwhelming, and Artur, along with other local groups, began the daunting task of housing, sorting and delivering these donations to the people that needed them, sending buses filled with supplies and bringing back people who were fleeing the conflict. At one stage, more than 100 000 people a day were crossing the border into towns like Medyka and Artur and people like him set up temporary shelters for them, as well as resources to aid them in their on-going journey to safety.

Now the flow of refugees has slowed quite significantly, but the situation in many for the towns and cities in Ukraine grows ever more desperate. These days Artur mostly runs trucks and lorries into Kyiv and beyond, bringing basic necessities like canned food and clean water and basic medicine to people who no longer have access to them.

Like most of the groups that we saw during our time in Poland, Artur’s supply chain is a private mission and he receives no funding or support from governments or NGOs. He has sustained this operation himself, with the help of friends and family and through his personal fundraiser. But the cost of fuelling a single round trip to Kyiv can be upwards of €300, which is almost one third of the average monthly wage in Poland. Your help is urgently needed to keep the trucks moving and continue to save lives.

If you would like to donate directly to Artur’s cause, you can do at our 'donate' page.

If you would like to arrange delivery of donated goods to Artur’s warehouse, or you are interested in holding a fundraising event, or supporting Artur in some other way, then please contact us.

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