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Say Hello to Our Staff

Meet the People Behind the Work

Charlie Staff.jpg

A logistics coordinator in the international poker scene, Charlie has a great deal of experience in making connections and getting people where they need to be. With the poker industry still recovering from the Covid downturn she used her free time to start volunteering on the Polish border which ultimately led to the foundation of Supply Ukraine. An avid traveller, she loves to try new foods and immerse herself in different cultures.

Rus Staff 2.jpg

Heavily involved in the crypto markets, Russell has a significant understanding of financial, cross border institutions. Having volunteered with Charlie on the Polish border, he helped co-found Supply Ukraine. When not researching financial markets, Russell loves to travel and works as a croupier for international poker tournaments. He enjoys video games and writing fiction in his spare time.  

Paul Staff.jpg
Gabby staff.jpg

While attending a cousin's funeral in Poland, Paul decided he was 'tired of making excuses' and after the wake drove to the border to volunteer. Touched by the good works, he saw he also realised how hard it was to gather supplies for refugees. As such, he decided to join Supply Ukraine and is now currently heading the Medical Aid Fund. In day-to-day life, Paul works in the poker industry.


While originally an international poker dealer, the pandemic led Gabi to move to Malta and focus on on-line projects. This has led to her gaining a keen knowledge of social media and public outreach. Gabi works tirelessly at promoting Supply Ukraine around the web and various social apps. She enjoys traveling and meeting new people.

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