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How we Started

"The beginning is always today."







Before February, 2022, we were regular people living regular lives. None of us had ever been seriously involved in charity work before, let alone ran our own charity. But when we saw tanks entering Ukraine, the bodies of innocent civilians broken by Russian bombs we knew we could no longer keep living regular lives.

We travelled out to the Polish/Ukrainian border and made contact with local people on the ground providing grass roots support to the hundreds-of-thousands crossing each week. A place to sleep. Toys for a child with hollowed-out eyes. Sometimes just a hot meal after days of exhausting, terrifying travel.

However, there simply isn't enough resources to go round. There are many brilliant volunteers, many dedicating not just their own time, but their own money, however with so many families in need even basic supplies can be very limited. It's why we decided to form this charity, so that funds and supplies can reach those directly, those who need it most. 

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Our Mission

"In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision."

To provide direct support, materially and financially, to volunteers on the Ukrainian border. To immediately help refugees in dire need.

Our Beliefs

"Believe in something or fall for everything."

We believe that NGOs are beneficial to mankind, but are slow and cumbersome. We believe that help which comes too late is the same as no help at all. We believe in swift action. That if a house is on fire, it is not the time to debate best how to put it out, but to grab a bucket. We believe in grassroots action. In getting funds to people on the ground NOW. We believe in helping those who have lost everything. In feeding the hungry. In sheltering the homeless. In picking up the broken pieces.

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