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Why should I donate to Supply Ukraine?

We're one of the few charities involved in getting your money directly to volunteers working on the front lines of the Ukrainian refugee crisis. We guarantee that 90% of anything you donate will be used quickly to buy much needed supplies for struggling Ukrainians. The remaining 10% will be saved in a pot for larger purchases such as defibrillators or generators.  

If I make a donation, can I decide what my money is used for?

Yes! All money donated goes into a PayPal fund and, if undesignated, is split between Medical Aid, Direct Support and our General Refugee Fund. However, if you'd like your money to solely go to food, sleeping bags etc. just send a quick email to with your preference and we'll make it happen.


How do you keep your charity running if '100% of all donations' go to refugees?

Everyone who works at Ukraine Supply is a volunteer pitching in with what free-time they have outside of their paid job to keep the lights on. Any costs, like running this website, come from our own pockets.

Are you a registered charity?

Due to the fast paced nature of the crisis, Supply Ukraine had to be set up very quickly. As such, we are still currently working out the registration process, but look forward to becoming accredited in the coming weeks.

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How do I know then you won't run off with my money to Bermuda? 

We're too busy! In all seriousness, Supply Ukraine is probably the most transparent charity you'll ever donate to. Not only will we send you pictures of what we bought with your money, we'll also provide dated copies of the receipts upon request.

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