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Medical Aid, Refugee Fund & Direct Support

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Medical Aid

Even basic medicines are in extremely limited supply on the border. Getting access to more advanced medical care is especially difficult. It's why we have started a separate medical fund on top of our general refugee fund.


Medical Aid has duel purposes. Our first goal is to provide pharmaceuticals for immediate need, such as diabetes or asthma medication as well as simpler things such as cough medicine or painkillers. Additionally, though we're aware that more advanced equipment like defibrillators could be literal lifesavers. As such, we intend to use some donations to gain access to such equipment. 

Refugee Fund

Many refugees fleeing the Russian invasion left with little more than the clothes on their backs. There is a desperate need for such basic things as food, sanitary products and sleeping bags, but small luxuries such as feed for a pet, coffee, a toy for a traumatised child, can make a terrible situation not seem so hopeless.

As such, our Refugee Fund is a general use pot of money which first goes to fulfilling basic needs such as food and shelter, but also provides little extras to help people who've lost everything keep going.

Direct Support

While millions have fled the war, many more have stayed behind in their homeland. In just a couple of months of war, it has been estimated that Ukraine's economy has contracted 50% and the damage done to infrastructure has left many without reliable access to basic utilities. As the invasion continues this is likely to only worsen.

As such, we've started a new fund to transport supplies into Northern Ukraine and help develop a network of local volunteers to deliver them to cities with have most suffered from the Russian invasion.

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